Christopher Davis aka DJ COOLOUT

Christopher Davis aka Coolout is a Philadelphia-based DJ, Producer, Remixer, and Recording Artist, specializing in soulful hip-hop, dance, and experimental music. In recent years he has contributed remixes for various labels including: Fania, Broken Reocrds, Record Breakin', and Illvibe Media. A prolific artist, he has over 15 solo releases under his own labels: Cooloutmusic and Disgo Sound, plus at least 40 bootleg remixes floating around the internet. A working DJ that's always staying busy and productive, Coolout averages around 80-100 live dates each year including club/bar appearances, corporate, and private events.    

Selected discography:


Record Breakin' Ensemble - Pleasure Pain Disgo (2016) - Record Breakin' Music
Ralfi Pagan - Never Thought You'd Leave Me - Coolout Remix (2015) - Fania Records
Queen Jo - Feel It - Disgo Remix (2015) - Illvibe Media
OSAGE ft. Foremost Poets
- Bougie Bounce - Disgo Remix (2015) - Illvibe Media
Disgo Remix Batches #1-7 (2014-2018) - self released
Maria Calderon - Lovely Fool - Coolout House Mix (2010) - Broken Records

Solo Albums/Singles:

Beach Trip Beats (2018)
Rock Say Yeah/Love Affair/One Day/Midnight - DSGO Remixes (2017)
Call On Me/Get Up On The Floor (2016)
Sounds Like Art (2014)
The Rise (2011)
Hello Again - The Long Goodbye Remixes (2010)
The Long Goodbye (2009)
The BWN EP (2007-limited edition)
Midnight (2006)
10:30 (2005-unreleased)

Mixtape, Remix, and Beat Tape Albums:

Best Album Ever, Best Album Never (2017)
Disgo Sessao 001-005 mixtapes (2015-2017)
Motown Jawns (2015)
Original Background Music (2010)
Coolout vs Stones Throw (2010)
CHOPS (just for props) (2009)
Motown Beats Vol. 1 (2008)