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My first sample pack:

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More to come. Stay tuned.



Thanks to Chris B and Jump Philly Magazine.

Here the first couple of singles from my new label, Disgo Sound.



One more blast of the Disgo sound before the year ends.


Disgo Sessao 003 by Djcoolout on Mixcloud

Super excited! This remix I did finally came out. Fania is a legendary Latin music label and the tragic story of Ralfi Pagan would probably never come to light if not for this project.

Another remix I did for the Illvibe crew just came out. Available pretty much everywhere online.

After the whole soundcloud shut down debacle, I've been focusing on other ways to expand the Disgo sound. Sessao is a new mixtape series I'm doing through Mixcloud. The first episode was done in collab with fashion blog and generated some buzz. The mix was featured on high traffic sites like and Philly360.

Disgo Sessao 001 by Djcoolout on Mixcloud

Disgo Sessao 002 by Djcoolout on Mixcloud

For DJs and music producers, 2015 will go down as the year of the great Soundcloud purge. My remix account was automatically deleted, like nearly everyone that posted content owned by the major record labels. That includes DJ mixes, remixes, etc. I've moved all my Disgo remix batches to and . Hopefully they'll stay up. You can also purchase them legally at


After releasing over 20 bootleg remixes during the past year, the official stuff is starting to trickle out.

Here's one I did for the Illvibe guys. It's available on all the usual download sites...beatport, itunes, etc.

Here's the latest batch of Disgo remixes. Meek Mill, Janet Jackson, The Weekend, and more!

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